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When children discover music, their lives are changed forever. For eighteen years, the Fairfield County Children’s Choir has been changing lives by providing children the enriching opportunity of participating in an outstanding choral music program.

Under the leadership and inspiration of Jon Noyes, the Choir has performed throughout the United States in such venues as Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, as well as in Canada, England, Ireland, Austria, Hawaii and the Czech Republic. But the Choir is about more than national reputation, it is about community and inspiration. We believe that through practice and performance a child builds self-esteem and experiences joy. Song is about belonging and about understanding.

Every child should experience song, no matter where they come from or their ability to pay. In order to encourage participation and diversity, the Choir has committed to keeping tuition at a level much lower than the national or State average for comparable choirs. Tuition covers only about 60% of the Choir’s annual budget. It costs the Choir an average $505 per student, but the average tuition is $365. That means that for each student in the Choir we need to raise another $140.

For all eighteen years of its existence, the Choir has provided financial aid to each accepted student that requests it. This financial aid is in addition to our scholarship outreach program, Bridges through Music. In all, about 9% of our annual budget is devoted to financial aid and scholarships. This is possible because of the many families and friends who donate generously each year. These tax deductible donations are what enable the Choir to initiate new programs, collaborate with other accomplished musicians and continue our outreach and financial aid.

Does your gift to the Choir really make a difference? ABSOLUTELY! Each dollar given goes directly to fund program expenses. The mission of the Choir is not about one year or one student, it is about continuing opportunities. Your donation ensures the continuity of our mission. Send in a contribution and bring the joy of song to a child, the joy of performance to a community. We challenge you to make all our possibilities realty.

7:00 pm By Special Request! @ Norwalk Concert Hall
By Special Request! @ Norwalk Concert Hall
May 2 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
We are celebrating this momentous anniversary season by singing our favorite songs of the past 20 years. The program for our May concert has been [...]
7:30 pm More Than Broadway @ Fairfield Woods MS
More Than Broadway @ Fairfield Woods MS
May 15 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Fairfield County Children’s Choir perform with Broadway star Ivan Rutherford. For tickets and information, call 203-414-4292.

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