FCCC Fall 2021 Reopening Plans

The FCCC is looking forward to starting our rehearsals for the fall semester! However, the Covid-19 virus has evolved over the past month, leading us to consider various contingency plans. This memo includes our plans as of mid-August for a hybrid rehearsal model, including some in-person and some online learning. We will continue to monitor the changing Covid-19 situation and will adjust our model, perhaps month to month or even week to week, in accordance with health recommendations.

These plans are also based on our demographics, i.e. a very large majority of our Chamber Singers and Concert Choir are age 12 and up; a majority of our Chorus and Chorale is below age 12. All rehearsals will be streamed on Zoom for those wishing to participate from home. Please email bpeckfccc@gmail.com to request this option.


  • In-person rehearsals will take place at Fairfield Woods Middle School in Fairfield (1115 Fairfield Woods Road).
  • The Chamber Singers and Concert Choir will commence in-person rehearsals on Wednesday, September 8 from 7:15 – 8:30 PM. (The Chamber Singers also rehearse on Mondays from 7:15 – 8:30 PM in the auditorium.)
  • The Chorus and Chorale will commence rehearsals on Zoom on Wednesday, September 8 from 5:30 – 6:45 PM.
  • The Chorus and Chorale will commence in-person rehearsals on Wednesday, October 6 from 5:30 – 6:45 PM.

Rehearsal Room Assignments – Wednesday Schedule

  • The Chamber Singers will rehearse in the Band Room.
  • The Concert Choir will rehearse in the FWMS Auditorium.
  • The Chorus & Chorale will rotate each week.
  • The Chorale will start on October 6 in the FWMS Auditorium.
  • The Chorus will start on October 6 by dividing the group in half (A/B) using both the FWMS Band and Choir Rooms.
  • The following week the Chorus and Chorale will switch room assignments. (Chorus in Auditorium; Chorale in Band and Choir Rooms.)

Safety Protocols

The entire FCCC staff (Music and Management) has been vaccinated.

Masks & Distancing

  • Music faculty, staff, volunteers and choristers will be required to wear masks indoors at all times.
  • There are a number of mask options. “The Singer’s Mask” and other similar products were designed to give more space in the mask. KN95 masks also allow for some space.
  • Social distancing will be observed (6 feet).
  • Parents should not enter the building. Please drop off at the auditorium entrance on the right side of the building. Staff will be outside to direct your children. Parents will be able to enter the building when health guidelines permit.


  • Windows and doors will remain open during on-site activities.
  • A 30 minute break will occur between rehearsals to allow for more efficient air exchange.


  • Hand sanitizer will be available at all in-person activities and events.

Health Screening

  • Each chorister is asked to complete at-home self-screening prior to arrival on-site for any in-person activity or event.
  • We will use assigned seating for contact tracing as necessary. Please let us know if there is a positive COVID-19 test result by a chorister, parent, or staff member who attended an in-person activity.


  • The use of restrooms during in-person rehearsal is for emergency purposes only. Our rehearsals are 15 minutes shorter than usual.
  • Make sure your child uses the bathroom and washes their hands prior to rehearsal.


We hope to be able to present our concerts as we have in the pre-Covid past. However, the concerts at the Klein may have to be adjusted (program changes, number of musicians on stage, audience distancing, staggered concert times, etc.)

CDC Guidelines

Fully Vaccinated

The CDC released new guidelines that list many new activities as “safer” activities for fully vaccinated people. Singing in an indoor chorus is one of the specific activities mentioned, and is now listed as a “safest” activity for fully vaccinated people when masks are worn by all participants.

Source: CDC – April 27, 2021 – Chorus America


The CDC recommends masking for unvaccinated individuals when activities are indoors or for unvaccinated individuals engaged in any high-intensity enhanced respiration activities (e.g. choir.) Extended distancing (6 feet or more) is recommended where increased respiration is likely (e.g. singing.)

Source: CT State Dept of Ed & CT Dept of Public Health, Interim Recommendations for COVID-19 Prevention in CT’s PreK-12 Schools, July 25, 2021

We look forward to a wonderful season and seeing you in September!

Your FCCC Conductors & Staff