The Fairfield County Children’s Choir was involved in a very exciting project: the production of a television commercial for Smilow Cancer Hospital in New Haven in November 2012. The commercial is a ‘flash mob’ at Union Station singing the Smilow theme song “Closer To Free.” It premiered on February 3, 2013  during the Super Bowl on Connecticut’s CBS affiliate WFSB TV3.

In addition to the thirty and sixty second commercials, there are a number of other videos which are very important. The FCCC is featured in the video entitled “The Choir” or “Meet the Mob.” It is a behind-the-scenes story of the entire project. All of the videos can be found at Below you will find more info and links.

FYI, all of the vocals are by the FCCC. The dancers are from United Rhythms dance studio in Meriden. The people holding the ‘cancer free’ posters are actual Smilow cancer survivors and the others in the tee shirts are doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel.