Bridges Through Music

Our Bridges program was started in the fall of 2005 under the direction of our Board of Directors.  It began as a series of meetings with community leaders in Bridgeport, for the purpose of identifying those barriers that were keeping inner city youth from participating in the FCCC. With the support of principals in the Bridgeport school system we held meetings with children and their parents about the opportunity and responsibility of joining our choirs.  In the spring of 2005 we held our first Bridgeport auditions at the Edison School and seven children were accepted into the choirs for the 2005/2006 season.  The newly formed Bridges Through Music program provided not only full scholarships for those participating, but also transportation to and from their homes for all rehearsals.  Trust and transportation were the keys to opening the doors to these inner city students.

The success of the Bridges program can be measured in the increased number of talented kids who show up for auditions each spring, as well as those students who continue with the choir.  By the 2008/2009 season we had ten participants and seven of these were in the Concert Choir, our second highest choir, while two were in Chamber Singers, a group of our most accomplished singers. This season we have ten Bridges students representing seven different Bridgeport schools.

The cost of the Bridges program is over $14,000, representing 6% of the FCCC annual budget. This money comes from our corporate sponsors, private grants and individual donations.  The FCCC believes that music is central to the development of creativity, critical thinking and leadership and is committed to providing as many children as possible the opportunity to participate.

The FCCC gratefully acknowledges the support of our contributors, who ensure that our mission continues, and encourage you to join them by giving today!